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Constituting America's Podcast

Jul 30, 2022

Essay 70: Power Concentrated in the Hands of a Few: Conflict of Progressive Government Toward American Individualism and the United States Constitution by Joerg Knipprath. Click here to explore our 2022 90-Day Study: American Exceptionalism Revealed: The Historic Rise and Fall of Worldwide Regimes and How United States Founding Wisdom Prevails. America’s Founders understood the failings of totalitarian regimes, and thus attempted an experiment in liberty they hoped future Americans would find invaluable and maintain. Constituting America’s 2022 90-Day Study looks at the rise and fall of worldwide regimes throughout history, juxtaposed to founding principles of the United States Constitution and federalists’ and anti-federalists’ views of their day regarding what history taught them about human nature and what is required to preserve our freedom!